Smokes on State

I was primarily responsible for the retail sale of the store’s merchandise. I assisted the owner with merchandising, inventory control, scheduling and hiring. I also spent a considerable amount of time promoting the store through social media, building and maintaining of a website, and organizing / promoting store events. Executed several publicized events, including a public forum at UW Madison and a city-wide scavenger hunt that featured nearly $3,000 in prizes.

About the Scavenger Hunt

During my time with Smokes on State, I had a unique opportunity to put together an event to increase publicity of the store. The event boasted nearly $3,000 in prizes, all donated or provided by the store. To subsidize the cost, I set up a sponsorship program, allowing local businesses to advertise in the scavenger hunt packet. The packet was designed and printed 100% in-house as well.

I chose a photo-based scavenger hunt to maximize the involvement of the participants. The way the event worked is simple: Teams of 3 signed up for free, and on the day of the event each team was given a packet with a series of tasks to complete. To earn points, the team had to capture a photo of the task. Tasks were ranged in difficulty and the more difficult tasks were worth more points. At the end of the day, the teams submitted their photos for scoring.

The event was a huge success, bringing in over 2000 photos and a lot of smiles! It even gained media attention, and I was able to go on-the-air live with WJJO’s morning show to promote the event!