As the company’s sole customer service division, the Support Team was responsible for handling all customer interactions. During my time as a Support Team Supervisor, I was tasked with being a leader, a trainer, and a mentor.

As a leader, I was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the department. This included managing task assignments, ensuring tasks were completed in a timely manner, monitoring call and email volume to ensure quick responses, and adjusting priorities quickly based on demand. Working closely with the other supervisors and upper management in the company, we put a strong emphasis on building and maintaining a team environment. I was responsible for bringing all team feedback and ideas to weekly supervisor meetings.

As a trainer, I was responsible for the development of the agents on my team. I ensured that they were brought up to speed as quickly and efficiently as possible, instructing them on all the tools and resources necessary to do the job.

As a mentor, I was responsible for the agent’s professional development. Through weekly check-in sessions and one-on-one coaching, it was my job to ensure every agent was performing up to the expectations of the company, and that they were happy and successful in their job.